Alterations should be performed by only the most skilled professionals, which is just what we offer with our tailor alterations at Beverly Hills Cleaners. When looking for professional garment adjustment services, you want to feel assured that your garments are safe in the hands of a trusted and experienced professional tailor or seamstress. A poor alteration can render a piece of clothing unusable, and we always make sure to return your clothing in a condition we can be proud of at Beverly Hills Cleaners.

Features of our professional services include:

  • Same Day Alterations – When you need your alterations fast, our same day alterations get you just what you need. Simply have your clothing to us to be altered, and our same day services ensure you’ll have your pieces back by the end of the day. No longer do you have to wait for your custom fit with our trained and experienced tailors and seamstresses.
  • Simple and complex adjustments – Our Beverly Hills alterations range from the simple to the intricate, as we take on even the most complex jobs with complete confidence. This means that our professionals are as prepared to hem a simple pair of jeans as we are to completely alter a delicate wedding gown.
  • Fair pricing – Fair pricing for our same day and extended services gives you a custom look for a price you can agree with. Our pricing at Beverly Hills Cleaners will depend on the complexity or the specific job you want done, and all prices are comparable to those on the average alteration market today.

The Beverly Hills process is a simple one. First, if you’re looking to achieve that perfect custom fit, you may want to bring your garments in to us to see how the garments fit currently and how we can make that fit better. Our professional tailors or seamstresses will inspect the garment and how it hangs on the body, making measurements and notes as they address any problem areas. After your consultation, you will leave the garment or garments with us to begin our physical  process.

Once your alterations are finished, you can try on your newly fitted clothing to ensure it’s perfect each time. If any concerns are brought up, further adjustments can be made to further improve the fit of your garments. If you require same day alterations, simply let our professionals know that you need your pieces back as quickly as possible.

Tailoring or seamstress services aren’t only for event wear or special outfits, they can be used to achieve that perfect look in all of your favorite pieces. With professionals in Beverly Hills alterations working with you, you’ll know that you’re in for the perfect fit every time.