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In order to provide the most convenient services possible, we offer dry cleaning pick up and delivery in Beverly Hills and the surrounding Los Angeles areas. Dry cleaning delivery near me can be difficult to find in the region if you wish to ensure a trustworthy, convenient, and fair experience, and Beverly Hills Cleaners provides just that. Our Beverly Hills dry cleaning delivery service means you get your garments when you need them, and you don’t have to figure out just how you’re going to get here when you already have a busy enough schedule. Dry cleaning delivery near me no longer has to be a search you make out of desperation, as you know Beverly Hills Cleaners is there for you.

Beverly Hills dry cleaning delivery service with Beverly Hills Cleaners is geared specifically toward creating an experience that is customer focused. All our laundry pick up and delivery clients within the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas know that when we come to pick up their garments, their pieces are in exactly the right hands.

Our dry cleaning pick up and delivery services can be scheduled with a simple phone call to us at Beverly Hills Cleaners. Our Beverly Hills dry cleaning delivery service considers no job too big or too small, and we’re ready if you have a full selection of costumes that require cleaning, or you simply need a dress or suit done as quickly as possible. Dry cleaning pick up and delivery in Beverly Hills comes to your location, picks up your garments, takes care of your services, and then drops them back off to you as soon as they’re ready.

Setting up laundry pick up and delivery is simple, and it all starts with a simple call. You make a call to us at Beverly Hills Cleaners, and you set up a time for our professionals to come to you to pick up your clothing, your dress, your suits, your linens, or any garments or fabrics you want cleaned. Our professionals will arrive at your desired time, and we will take the pieces you want cleaned. After leaving your property, we take your garments to our location and we begin our work using our eco friendly dry cleaning methods.

Once we’re finished with your laundry pick up and delivery, we notify you that your garments are ready to go. We set up a delivery time with you, and we send our professionals right to your location to ensure a safe exchange each time. Laundry pick up and delivery takes the stress out of cleaning your pieces, and you know your garments will be returned to you in fresh and perfect condition each time.

"Beverly Hills Cleaners is the most reliable cleaner in all Los Angeles. Quality work, creases are perfect, and ready when promised. The tailor does good repairs and fair prices, but truly what makes them excellent is Barry the owner, he is on site and always ready to help Too heavy no problem the team will help you bring in or take out the cleaning and laundry Best of all the entire staff is friendly. I have been a customer for 7 years"

Stephen M.

"My go to cleaners. I had a nice short red dress that had horrible grease stains all over the front due to food. They got all the stains out, and the dress looked brand new upon pick up. I also took my long beaded formal dress due to some stains and dirty bottom. They covered the beading so that the dress could be cleaned (extra charge). They were able to get all the stains out, and as a bonus, they were also able to almost completely remove the fabric fuzz that was on a patch of the dress. "

Amanda P.

"Literally the best cleaner in LA!!!!! Sunday, I asked my husband to pickup a gown that I had to wear for a wedding on Monday (Memorial Day). He forgot and I found myself without my dress and the cleaner was going to be closed for 2 days!!! I was devastated! We went to the cleaner's website and emailed him, he replied RIGHT AWAY and told us to come pick it up an hour later (on a Sunday night!!) this is an EXCEPTIONNAL SERVICE and would highly recommend this place!!! Not only the cleaning is wonderful, but their service is extraordinary. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!"

Livia W.

"I will not take my clothes anywhere else! They are magic! They make clothes look brand new. The owner and all the employees are always so nice and take good care of their regulars. I will always be so appreciative of not only the great job they do with my clothing, but also the kindness and amazing customer service here."

Sasha M.

"Great service, friendly staff and they are quick with drop off and pickup. I dont have to wait a wk to get my clothes returned. I like that they use green technology to clean clothes. You pay for good service and BH cleaners delivers!!!"

Simone S.

"Great dry cleaner. Best in Los Angeles, great service. Barry and his staff are the greatest. Highly recommended."

Elliot B.

"A great place. Fast and friendly. Hours are great and staff is super friendly. They also have a tailor here!"

Greg M.

"I have been getting my clothes washed here for the past few years. I love the service and the prices. Mostly, I love the team behind the counter. They're so kind and eager to help; and chat with you if you enjoy that, AND I DO! I love the people and quality. If you need your clothes laundered, Beverly Hills cleaners is affordable and fast. You'll love the staff, you really will. I can't speak highly enough about BH Cleaners. Thank you all!"

Katie S.

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