Professional leather cleaning is the best method of cleaning your leather garments. A Beverly Hills Cleaners we use the safest and most professional techniques available.

Most leather garments are considerably worn and heavily soiled because many consumers don’t think about cleaning leather garments until they have been worn for a number of years – making them difficult to clean.

Dry cleaning is a complicated process where important oils are removed from leather during dry cleaning. Normally these oils will lubricate the leather fibers, keeping them soft, but their partial removal can leave garments feeling firmer and lighter in appearance after dry-cleaning. At Beverly Hills Cleaners we put oil back into the garment after dry-cleaning to soften the garment and bring it back (as near as possible) to its original feel and color.

  • Don’t let a garment become heavily soiled before having it cleaned.
  • Have matching pieces, e.g. a skirt and jacket, cleaned at the same time.
  • Give your cleaner any care information that came with the garment.
  • Point out any stains and ingrained soiling.
  • Be prepared for a change in color depth after cleaning as some dyes used on leathers are soluble in dry-cleaning fluids. The cleaner can correct some color loss but can’t always achieve the same depth of shade as the manufacturer.
  • Some oils which are impregnated into the leather for suppleness during tanning are lost in dry-cleaning, and although the cleaner will use special additives to replace the oils, there may be some change in the feel of the garment.
  • Always take items to a specialist leather cleaner like Beverly Hills Cleaners.
    Leather Cleaning