Beverly Hills Cleaners Same Day Services

Same Day Dry Cleaning

With our same day dry cleaning, you can be assured that your beautiful garments will be ready for your special event, on short notice. Garments may be dropped off and dry cleaned on the same day. Please contact us for information on all of our same day cleaning services.

Same Day Laundry Services

Beverly Hills Cleaners can help you get your laundry done on the “same day” that you drop it off. Our same day laundry service will wash and iron your clothing and have it ready later on the same day.

Same Day Alterations

Our professional tailors and seamstresses can do same day alterations, 7 days a week. Our experts take their time to do an immaculate job. In some cases some alterations may take a little longer, based on the type of alteration but rest assured you are getting the fastest and most professional alteration service in Los Angeles.

Green Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

The shift towards green dry cleaning has been spear-headed by California. In 2007, California committed to phasing out perc by 2023 along with a few other states. California has indicated that they are on track to compete the phase-out and held workshops in 2019 for dry cleaners to make the shift to wet cleaning. California has been the model for other states like New Jersey and Illinois in this Green Cleaning Technology goal.

Next time you spill coffee on your “Dry Clean Only” sweater, remember that you don’t have to put your health, workers, or the environment at risk.

To find a certified green dry cleaner in your area, visit Or of course visit us at Beverly Hills Cleaners where we are one of the leaders in Green Dry Cleaning Technology,