Along with shoe repair services, we also clean your shoes. We repair soles and heals, as well as cuts and deep scratches. Our services ensure that your favorite pair or shoes look like they just came off the rack. Fresh, clean, shiny and safe. Bring us your shoes and we will make them all look as good as new.

Shoe Repair Services

Dye: Custom dyes are available for individuals who wish to change the appearance of their shoes. Color choices may be limited by the initial color of the shoes.

Heel Lining: When a shoe is too big, causing ones heal to slip, Beverly Hills Cleaners can add extra layers of leather to the lining. The extra padding will tighten the heel, for a perfect fit.

Heel Plates:  Installing a heel plate is a good alternative to replacing the heel, extending the life of a shoe by covering existing wear and preventing new wear.

Soles: Protective rubber soles, as well as full or half leather soles, can be used to replace thin or worn soles. A good, firm sole improves all day shoe comfort overall.

Heel Taps: The need to replace heel taps on women’s shoes is frequent due to excessive wear. Our Heel Tap service is quick and reliable.

Heels: Heel replacement due to accidents or excessive wear are a common way to prolong the life of your expensive shoes. Heels will be matched and replaced to ensure the look and feel of the original shoe.

Re-Finish: When a shoe is damaged or discolored it may be restored to its original color through restoration and the application of color matched dye.

Sock Lining: The inner lining of one’s shoes can tear, age, or get dirty. We can replace the leather or suede, restoring the inner shoe to its original state.

Toe Tips: As a shoe ages the tip of the sole may wear quickly. Beverly Hills Cleaners can replace the worn tip of a sole as needed. We can use either a leather or rubber tip depending on your shoe sole.