A Full Service Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner For Your Needs

Beverly Hills Cleaners is the dry cleaner near me that takes care of all your needs within the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas. With free pickup and delivery services, alterations, wedding dress alterations, green dry cleaning services, and more, we are who you’re looking for to trust with your most precious garments. When you rely on us, you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible dry cleaning services.

Dry cleaning services with us cater to all of your dry cleaning needs. No longer do you have to factor dry cleaning into your schedule, as our professionals are ready with free pick up and delivery services for all of your laundering needs. Our eco friendly and green dry cleaning services are safe for fabrics while being tough on stains, odors, and general soiling.

Give every garment a custom fit with our professional alterations. Beverly Hills Cleaners alterations are performed by skilled and experienced tailors and seamstresses, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a perfect fit with quality construction. Simply come in to find your perfect fit, and our professionals will get to work. Alterations can be performed on an everyday pair of jeans, or a delicate vintage wedding dress, and everything in between.

Your bed linens are as fresh as the day you brought them home with our bed linens cleaning services. Using our eco-friendly and green dry cleaning methods, we make sure our methods are gentle on fibers while still effective at leaving your linens completely clean. With bed linens services, you can get the mustiness of months of storage out using a professional touch.

Stained table linens can really ruin the entire atmosphere of your table setting. Table linens cleaning with Beverly Hills Cleaners works on personal table linens or professional table linens with the same high quality and convenient results. Our cleaning methods are gentle on your important fabrics while effective at removing stains and leaving your table linens looking brand new.

Whether you’re looking to preserve your wedding gown before storing it, or you’re trying to restore a vintage gown to wear on your special day, we have you covered. Using our gentlest cleaning methods, we perform complete wedding gown cleaning and restorations suitable for all gowns and all fabrics.

Drapery cleaning works to refresh your home by leaving your drapery looking as fresh as it was the day you brought it home. Our drapery cleaning services use proven and effective professional methods that are gentle on your drapery fabrics, while still holding the ability to remove staining and dullness from the fibers themselves.